Waterline, 2022
Enamel, Concrete, and Steel
Montepulciano, Italy

Waterline is a sculptural intervention that uses an existing abandoned water tank to establish a horizon and emphasize the object’s original purpose. The tank sits unevenly on a hill of Salcheto Vinyard with little reference in the surrounding landscape to a level line. The installation created an opportunity to include a horizon by representing a waterline on the inside and outside of the object. This work references an older outdoor glass installation on the hill by Leonardo da Vinci which also points to transparency and the vineyard’s landscape.

In the early 1500s, Leonardo devised a plan with the Florentine government to drain this area, and several like it using a system of sluices to create a traversable and farmable landscape. This plan engaged the Florentines for several centuries producing the conditions we see today.