Death of a love for Sailing

Paintings, 2021

Duplication, Printmaking

Cat 1-2

Paintings, 2020

Duplicate, Enamel on Wood

Vancouver Canada – Turin Italy

Paintings, 2019

Container, Shipping, Transport

Tree Line

Photographs, 2019

Landscapes, Lithuania

Time to Change

Drawings, 2019

Typographical Glass Works

Two Boxes

Sculpture, 2019

Installation View

Disposition, Studio Rags

Paintings, 2019

Black, Painting, Reproduction

Repeated, Distorted

Paintings, 2019

Distorted, Painting, repeated, shape

A Wave, Repeated

Paintings, 2019

Enamel, Paintings, Studies, Wave

A Mark Reproduced

Paintings, 2019

color, contemporary, Painting

Block, Position

Sculpture, 2018

Canvas, Easel, Installation, Wrap

Parade Before the Portrait

Paintings, 2018

Canvas, Enamel, Painting


Paintings, 2018

Oil on Canvas, Painting


Photographs, 2018

Archival lightjet, Edition, Photograph

Red Field

Paintings, 2018

Colour, Painting, Red

Towed Behind Truck

Paintings, 2018

Enamel on Panel, Wood


Paintings, 2018

Enamel, Wood


Drawings, 2018

Canvas, Charcoal, Drawing


Sculpture, 2017

Acrylic, Wood

A Wave, Studies

Drawings, 2017

Drawing, Repetition


Photographs, 2017

Lightjet, Photograph